glacier tracer

Still frames taken from performance-to-camera piece.
Charcoal and pen drawing on nylon, video projection.
23 minutes 20s
produced with assistance from Jemma Nissen and Kathy Waghorn.

This performance piece reconstructs a series of walks on Fox Glacier, which were recorded via a GPS device. Five routes are traced, building up a drawing that reveals common routes and landmarks used in navigating the glacier. The quality of line/movement reflects the experience of moving across this jagged and icy terrain. The projected images are views of the glacier surface, taken from standing height, which slowly zoom, pan and dissolve into each other.

The act of drawing these routes conflates scales of the experiential, bodily and cartographic, where walking becomes digital code becomes drawing becomes moving image. Glacier Tracer uses experiential and abstract strategies for representing landscape, through a process of drawing myself into the landscape.