an approach developed within the materiality of text

Experimental writing project with Scott Andrew Elliott.
Performed as part of Pia Ednie-Brown’s ‘Jane Approach’ episode for WORKAROUND
July 28, 2018
RMIT Design Hub, Melbourne.

Using a complex relay of video projectors, instant messaging and collaborative documents, I worked across time zones with Scott Andrew Elliott (based in Helsinki) to produce an experimental writing performance. Our aim was to generate a diffuse sense of authorship that went beyond our individual authorial voices. To this end, we each took turns working across online documents to put pieces of found text in relation to each other. A ”cut-up” writing technique was used such that innovative new phrases, concepts and meanings were generated, including the project’s title. The passages of found text were drawn from writings by artists and theorists that question conceptual and spatial thresholds.

WORKAROUND focused on advocacy and activism within an expanded field of architecture, through a series of individually curated “episodes”. Pia Ednie-Brown curated this particular episode and invited Scott and me to participate. An edited video of the day’s events is available here.

Photos 02 and 03 by Tobias Titz, courtesy of RMIT Design Hub.

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