rule 110

Watercolour and pencil on paper, desk, chair, brushes, performance.
shown/performed at Inverleith House, Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland.
February 2009

This drawing and performance piece makes connections between the obsessive behaviour of scientists and artists. The drawing follows a simple mathematical algorithm used in theoretical botany, in which structures grow and interact, creating complex behaviour. The work alludes to the contribution each small unit makes to a larger field.

drawing cycle

Charcoal and conte on paper, bicycle, drawing apparatus.
series of 17 drawings.
shown at Lolapalooza Gallery, Oxford, England.
July 2008

These drawings were produced during my 15 mile daily commute in rural Oxfordshire, by a form of automatic drawing. The drawing instrument responded to changes of direction and variation inĀ  road surface, resulting in the marks that make up each drawing. The only decision I made was when a particular drawing was finished, with the distance taken to complete it becoming its title.

nine square

Mixed media/digital video.
2 minutes 50s
shown in Viewfinder, Auckland Public Library/New Zealand Film Archive.
April – May 2006
now in the collection of the New Zealand Film Archive.

This video piece documents an architectural project concerned with repetition, subtle variation, memory and the body as a measure of space. Plans and sections are moved across, giving a partial experience of the space. The multiple screens act to highlight similarities and underscore differences. Materiality and inhabitation is suggested through the use of sound.