220 mixtape

compiled and mixtaped december 2018

featuring: courtney barnett, j hus, janelle monáe, john elder, julia holter, kaitlyn aurelia smith, kurt vile, noname, panda bear, pantha du prince, pavement, peak twins, raiza biza, sufjan stevens, young fathers.

sounding the air

Helium, latex balloon, electronics, FM transmission.
Exhibited in the group show Dyanmics of Air.
Curated by Malte Wagenfeld and Jane Burry.
RMIT Gallery, Melbourne.
September 14 – November 17, 2018

Sounding the air is a new iteration from a series of ‘balanced balloon’ projects that I have undertaken since 2013.

In this project, the uplift of a large helium balloon is balanced by an FM receiver and loudspeaker, creating a buoyancy-neutral assemblage that is sensitised to the subtle changes in air movement and temperature. The work circulates, rises and falls through the gallery space in response to these qualities of air. ‘Sounding’ is understood as process of building up a three-dimensional understanding of the atmosphere – much like the mapping of marine environments – as well as an aural testing of propositions about air.

The aural component of the project is a low-power FM transmission that is broadcast throughout the gallery space. It consists of an aural essay on air, constructed from a wide variety of quotes from poetry, fiction, and non-fiction texts interspersed with field recordings of air-activated environments. This transmission is received by the balloon assemblage, subject to distortions and interferences from the physical environment and other electronic transmissions present throughout the gallery.

Thanks to Ariel Aguilera, Andrea Benyi, Sarah Burrell, Joni Chan, Scott Andrew Elliott, Dan Griffin, Hilary Johnson, Djurdjica Kesic, Sommer Spiers, Rachel Swain and Virpi Vellin for lending their voices to the project.

Installation images by Mark Ashkanasy ©RMIT Gallery. Used with thanks.

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opening : dynamics of air

I have a new project in “Dynamics of Air”, an upcoming exhibition at RMIT Gallery, curated by Malte Wagenfeld and Jane Burry. The exhibition opens on Thursday 13 September from 6-8pm, and runs until 17 November 2018. The show features works by Transsolar, Natasha Johns–Messenger, Leslie Eastman, Cameron Robbins, Philippe Rahm Architects, Breathe Earth Collective, Edith Kollath and many others.

“Bringing together leading local and international artists and designers, the exhibition explores the critical role that air plays in designing for a zero carbon future, and how radical innovations can make way for creative sustainability in design and the built environment. The exhibition will engage with the interface of air, lived space and architecture, and will showcase how designers, artists, scientists and researchers work with the intangible atmospheric medium: air.”

Image credit: Transsolar, Testing Cloudscapes.

an approach developed within the materiality of text

Experimental writing project with Scott Andrew Elliott.
Performed as part of Pia Ednie-Brown’s ‘Jane Approach’ episode for WORKAROUND
July 28, 2018
RMIT Design Hub, Melbourne.

Using a complex relay of video projectors, instant messaging and collaborative documents, I worked across time zones with Scott Andrew Elliott (based in Helsinki) to produce an experimental writing performance. Our aim was to generate a diffuse sense of authorship that went beyond our individual authorial voices. To this end, we each took turns working across online documents to put pieces of found text in relation to each other. A ”cut-up” writing technique was used such that innovative new phrases, concepts and meanings were generated, including the project’s title. The passages of found text were drawn from writings by artists and theorists that question conceptual and spatial thresholds.

WORKAROUND focused on advocacy and activism within an expanded field of architecture, through a series of individually curated “episodes”. Pia Ednie-Brown curated this particular episode and invited Scott and me to participate. An edited video of the day’s events is available here.

Photos 02 and 03 by Tobias Titz, courtesy of RMIT Design Hub.

city of gold mixtape


compiled october 2017 to february 2018
mixtaped august 2018

featuring: ariel pink, beck, coolio, cooly g, dibia$e, dr. dre, earl sweatshirt, flying lotus, frank ocean, freddie gibbs, friendzone, ice cube, julia holter, jurassic 5, kaitlyn aurelia smith, karen marks, kelela, kendrick lamar, madlib, milo, mndsgn, nite jewel, nosaj thing, pavement, porno for pyros, red hot chili peppers, remi, silentjay, samiyam, sky h1, snoop dogg, suzanne ciani, thundercat, tupac shakur, vince staples, yg, yo la tengo, young marble giants.

city of gold is a 2015 documentary about the pulitzer prize winning LA food critic jonathan gold, directed by laura gabbert.
jonathan gold july 28, 1960 — july 21, 2018.

a woven interior


Over five weeks, first-year interior architecture students at Monash University experimented with materials and techniques of weaving, knotting, and joining to produce a woven interior. The ‘hidden curriculum’ in this project was the opportunity for students new to university to meet and connect with each other, through the designing and making processes.

I developed and taught the project alongside Sarah Burrell and Djurdjica Kesic. The film was shot and edited by Sarah Burrell.

affective interiors panel discussion

For Affective interiors, I curated panel of speakers responding to the question “what impact does design speculation have on the design of affective interior experiences?” Each speaker gave a short presentation on a current area of design experience followed by a panel discussion and audience Q&A.

Speakers were: Pia Ednie-Brown on the ‘house-person’ Avery Green, sci-fi artist Lucy McRae, Jondi Keane on Arakawa and Gins’ Mitaka Lofts, Geri McDonald on the impacts of spatial design on user experience and wellbeing at the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, and Ben Cleveland discussing the educational affordances of the new ‘innovative learning environments’.

This event was kindly hosted by the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre and held in the Elgin Mary Gordon and Leslie Charles Gordon Amphitheatre. This event was part of Melbourne Design Week 2018, an initiative by Creative Victoria in partnership with NGV.

lecture for NAB Labs

Staff at NAB Labs invited me to come and speak to their design team on my practices and approaches. My presentation was titled “Architectural judo and the design of spatial experiences” and covered my own design research practice alongside projects by Arakawa and Gins, selgascano and Jane Bennett.